offer tagWhat we offer:


  • Linux installation and configuration
  • New desktops/laptops with Linux pre-installed
  • Web design using CMS technology
  • Computer maintenance (& problem fixing) on your present (Windows)desktop/laptop


1.) Linux installation and configuration

Linux can be installed on desktops or laptops already owned - starting from £60. This will include a choice from the options below:

  • A choice of Linux distributions - the best suited for your needs.

  • We include: besides the full blown operating system, an office package (equivalent to and compatible with Microsoft Office), plug-ins, audio and video codecs, and all essential utilities - to run day-to-day computing, straight “out-of the box” without needing to install anything else, unless you want to.

  • Customised installation for your hardware specs, with only the software you need – no more no less.

  • Internet set up, so you can have perfect privacy on the net.

  • Direct access to totally free and open source software.

  • An eBook you can read or print, which shows visually how to browse the internet with privacy, and also how to encrypt e-mails, to have your messages read only by the person they are intended for.

  • An option between a final and a rolling release version of the OS if desired (a rolling release or rolling update development model refers to a continually developing software system. This is instead of a standard release development model which uses software versions that must be reinstalled over the previous version. Rolling software, instead, is continually updated.)

2.) New desktops/laptops with Linux pre-installed

Customised systems (for businesses as well as for home users), can be ordered from us with Linux already pre-installed -prices starting at £279.99

3.) Web design using CMS technology

CMS stands for Content Management System, which basically means that after the website has been built and set up fully, an individual or a company can easily add content of any kind to the site in a straightforward word-processing manner. A person can immediately start to present his/her views to the rest of the world over the internet, or a company can effortlessly add/update more information to their website, without the need to know programming, web-design or related technical knowledge. Websites created this way are also compatible, not only with various OS systems like Linux, Mac and Windows – but also across different hardware including desktops and laptops to portable devices like tablets and smart-phones.

4.) Computer maintenance (& problem fixing) on your present desktop/laptop

Whether it is a software issue like computer viruses, perfect image back-up of your hard disk, or a need for hardware component replacement or configuration, we can help.